Victoria Lounge and Bar

Victoria Bar and Lobby

You can sit and relax in the Victoria Bar and Lobby, with a glass of wine or with chilled drinks and cocktails in a truly tranquil atmosphere. Our pre-recorded DJ music can calm you down and release your stress while you enjoy your favorite drinks. You can choose from colorful assortment of drinks stacked in finely cut glass bottles. You can unwind with your friends or have informal business meetings while being served cocktails, spirits and savory delights of sea food.

The restaurant is a true interpretation of the 1920’s Victorian culture. The outside deck makes you feel like having King-style evening. You can have a selection from the fine wines, intercontinental beers and spirits. We also serve a wide range of non-alcoholic beverages and the bar is open for all from 12pm to 12am. Victoria’s Bar Selection of single malts and premium scotches, bourbon whiskey, vodka, liqueur and classic old and new wines make it an ideal venue for connoisseur.